Insight Selling

Business Insight Selling + Personalization

Insight-based Customer Acquisition for a Global Software Company In the Ecommerce Market

Market Focus

  • United States
  • Canada
  • UK

Services Provided

  • Data Solutions
  • Email Marketing with Video Messaging
  • Personalization
  • Outbound Sales


  • Deliver 22% Less COA versus other channels and better LTV
The Challenge

An Amazon optimization software company faced a common challenges of generating high-quality marketing qualified leads. They were looking for ways to reach large eCommerce retailers across multiple locations globally. They wanted to increase their sales to new customers but had no dedicated team in place.

Our Solution

As a trusted partner that provides sales support through voice, email, and other channels, our first move was to utilize our data solutions and email marketing video messaging solutions. Alep Digital outlined the outreach plan and collaborated with the client on identifying a solution that was effective and efficient.

Quickly hired, trained and onboarded a team of sales and business development representatives. The business development team was utilized to generate leads based on qualified persona, create insight-based and personalized loom videos specific to the prospect and the sales development team executed on the inbound and outbound campaigns to generate SQLs.

Used HubSpot to track and monitor leads, and to simultaneously clean their existing database by eliminating old contacts and filling in gaps for any useful prospects.

The Results

Sourced 12,000 new leads and cleaned & verified 7,000 contacts from their old database. The program delivered phenomenal success adding $5M in APP within 6 months and Alep Digital grew the team to a sales force of more than 20. Saved months of time and thousands of dollars setting up their own team.

Build pipeline.
Close deals.
Drive revenue.
Improve profitability.

Growing your business isn’t easy. You need a partner with experience building sales teams, creating marketing strategies, and implementing systems and processes. You need Alep Digital.

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