Lead Generation

Using AI + Data to Transform Customer Experience + Drive Revenue

42 Qualified Sales Appointments a Week and Generating 85 Webinar Leads

Market Focus

  • US

Services Provided

  • Sales Intelligence
  • Outbound SDR


  • 42 Qualified Leads Each Week
  • 85 Weekly Signups for Live Webinar
The Challenge

A technology company faced a common challenges generating thousands of Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) and Inquiries that they wanted to turn into Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs) but didn’t have the bandwidth to reach out to them internally. As a result, they turned to Alep Digital, who help companies turn more marketing leads into sales leads that convert to closed deals.

Our Solution

As a trusted partner that provides sales support through voice, email, and other channels, our first move was to utilize our sales intelligence and outbound SDR solution.

With our sales intelligence solution we were able to categorize the MQLs based on propensity to buy and ranked the leads. We deployed Hubspot CRM to overcome challenges of leads database being disorganized. We also sourced new leads from a combination of different tools and databases.

Our SDR solutions included calling and nurturing existing marketing leads client had generated from content downloads, events and webinars, turning them into qualified sales leads ready to speak to the client’s sales team. The SDRs also educated leads through an omnichannel approach of email, chat and social, with messaging about the solutions, to book qualified appointments.

The Results

As the program expanded, Alep Digital grew the team to a sales force of more than 10. Within the first 12 months, we generated $15 Million in new pipeline, helped close $2.7 Million in closed deals and achieved 140% of our appointment quota.

Build pipeline.
Close deals.
Drive revenue.
Improve profitability.

Growing your business isn’t easy. You need a partner with experience building sales teams, creating marketing strategies, and implementing systems and processes. You need Alep Digital.

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